Environmental Focus

Woodtech aims to build responsibly, using materials that are sustainable, and always taking seriously its commitment to environmental stewardship. More than a concept, "working green" at Woodtech is central to our operational philosophy, evident in the following areas:


Woodtech recycles all unused materials such as hardwood solids, saw dust, paper products, solvents and metal components. We manage energy closely with local power agencies to minimize consumption in our processes. In 2014, the company installed 650 solar panels, manufactured in the USA by SunPower, on the Woodtech factory roof. The photovoltaic panels generate annually over 316,000 kilowatt-hours. This solar collection system effectively creates enough power to cover 100% of the total energy needs annually at Woodtech. New high performance prismatic skylights have also been added to the plant, which further reduce energy needs. Consequently, with the solar panels and skylights, Woodtech has completely eliminated the need to draw on traditional energy sources..

Starting in 2014, Woodtech has been participating in voluntary emissions audits through CDP-Climate Disclosure Project. This data will help Woodtech track its goal of continuing to reduce its carbon footprint.


Woodtech’s goal is to use renewable materials in our furniture. We can use veneers and hardwood solids from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)-certified forestry. We are active in sourcing the most cost-effective solutions for our clients with the goal of supporting renewable and sustainable sources.

(FSC License No. FSC-C107294).


Woodtech can source reclaimed wood that comes from character-rich timber in deconstructed old buildings, making use of post-consumer materials that might otherwise become landfill. Salvaged wood from rescued dead trees is available and, in some cases, may be able to be green certified.


Woodtech has many sources for green core materials. Our standard core is industrial particleboard made with 90% pre-consumer recycled content, and approved by the California Air Resources Board, as required by law (CARB II compliant).


Woodtech works closely with CARB to provide the optimum in reduced VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions while applying a post-catalyzed water white conversion varnish topcoat. Our topcoat is high quality and durable yet does comply with the strict California air quality guidelines. Woodtech uses a water white conversion varnish applied with a computerized pumping/spraying system to assure precise coating application to optimize waste. All finishing room materials and solvents are recycled or filtered before being released from the clean room.


Many clients, who share the vision to be as green as possible, build to LEED guidelines. We can offer expertise in calculating LEED-CI certification points.


Woodtech has recently developed a continuing education program for the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) and the US Green Building Council (USGBC) on managed practices for sustainable wood use. Contact Woodtech or a local Woodtech representative for more information. In addition, Woodtech constantly educates itself and clients on changing green standards. We consult with a variety of environmental experts and also travel widely, viewing all stages of wood production at national and international sites.