Taking Care of Your New Woodtech Furniture

In most cases, the surface of your new furniture is architectural grade veneer with an edge band of solid hardwood that is stained and finished with multiple coats of catalyzed lacquer. The finish is very durable and will look great for many years with a minimum of attention.

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  • In most instances, the only cleaning that is necessary is wiping with a clean, soft cloth dampened with plain water.
  • Occasionally, a mild soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap may be needed to clean pizza sauce or other greasy deposits that do not fully respond to water.
  • Do not use window cleaner or kitchen spray cleaners such as Fantastic or 409.
  • Do not use paper towels or other materials that may scratch the surface.
  • Do not use Pledge or other similar products; they leave an oily residue.
  • Soda cans or cups may be placed directly on the surface. Condensed moisture (the sweat from these items) needs to be cleaned dry within minutes to avoid white rings on the surface.
  • The use of coasters or napkins is recommended. Although the moisture from cans and cups will not damage the surface if it is cleaned dry within minutes, sliding soda cans and cups may leave minor scratches.
  • Spills of water, soda, beer or alcohol will not damage the surface, but needs to be cleaned dry within minutes to avoid water marks on the surface.
  • Do not leaving hot items in direct contact with the surface. Coffee pots and pizza boxes should not be left directly on top’s surface.
  • Direct contact with steam or dry heat will damage the surface.
  • Must use trivets under hot items to avoid heat damage to the surface.
  • To add shine to your furniture, polish with lemon oil. However, lemon oil is not recommended for daily use. We do not recommend waxing or rubbing the surface with any type of abrasive.
  • Ink marks can be easily removed by rubbing the stained area before it dries with a pencil eraser.
  • Woodtech indoor furniture functions best in proper conditions, which include: in temperatures between 55 and 78° F, in relative humidity of 43 to 70%, and in interior locations that are shielded from direct sunlight via placement or with window shades with Openness Factors of 3% or less. Failure to maintain proper conditions and failure to shield from direct sunlight will void any and all Woodtech warranties.
  • Woodtech outdoor furniture has to be oiled every 6 months in extreme weather condition. Woodtech will make the oil recommendation based on your product’s wood species, please contact customer service at (510) 534-4930 ext. # 2

Enjoy your new furniture. In general, with a minimum of care, your furniture will look great for a very long time.